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Jainism is a cast where people bind love, respect and culture with each other. Jainism is basically a culture where people follow the rules of God and serve God at any condition. It is where people do it with their feelings and by their mind. Forcing does not work here at all. There are people who die to get regular updates and news for Jainism but they are not able to get it. So this site refers to pure Jainism only where you will get all news and books related Jainism only.

“Get Veergurudev website to get knowledge on Jainism”

There are people who earn lot and then donate their money to make temples all round. This shows love and respect for God. There are lots of people in the world who are suffering without money so God says that do even help them. This all things are very necessary to know and there are many other things which are not known by others. So this site will help let you know about every single thing about Jainism.

Jain Tirths

There are lot of different locations spread over world for God named as Tirths. Tirths are named as there is something really very good to do there. It is believed that when people go and ask for anything they get their wish fulfilled..


The gallery will let you get pictures of different Tirths and just a simple visit at that place. You will also be able to see different pictures of God