In this website the songs sections will let you get three options. The options for the songs are as below:

  • Guru Bhakti

    Sansar na saiyog ne guru bhakti song   Janam din Guru ka aaya he – Jayantsensurishwarji maharaja
  • Bhakti Geet

    Song 1 Song 2 Song 3 shri_shankheswar_prabhu_na_charan Song – 5
  • Jain Stavans

    Stavan 1 – Nice stavan – hear it 2. Nirakhyo Nemi Jinand – Song on 23rd tirthankar shree neminathji. Courtesy – Keyurbhai, Surat. 3. Sugun shobhagi – Courtesy – Krutiben Dada Adishwarji door thi aavyo Sugun Sobhagi Sacho Sahibo

The songs section will let you get knowledge of the upcoming or past songs which are used for puja. There are many other songs which are sung by singers just to show their love for God. Getting to this section will let you hear all the songs in the list there. Normally, all songs of God are included here.

For hearing the songs you just need to select the play button on it. You can even download the songs there and listen it whenever you want.

Jain Stavans – this will include all the Stavans that are in Jainism. Any of the Stavan, up to now will be available.

Bhakti Geet – this section will include the songs which are made for those who are Bhakt of God. These songs will let you get dipped in to the love of God. You can define Bhakt as the one who is madly in love with God and can respect God at any moment.

Guru Bhakti – This section includes the songs and Bhakti but in short. Short can refer to one minute or may be 30 seconds. You can download this ringtone and get it set to your mobile phone. You can set this ringtone such a way that whenever your phone rings you will be able to hear the song you set.

So now you need not to search various music shops or any other places to search a particular song. You will be able to get everything here.

Get the Stavans, Bhakti Geet and Ringtones and get addicted to God again and again.