Rajendra Kosh was written by Shri Rajendrasurishwarji M.s. He was born in Rajasthan in 1827 and his father’s name was Rishabhaadas Parekh and mother’s name was Keshardevi. The birth name of Shri Rajendrasurishwarji M.s. was Ratna Raj. His Kaldharma year was 1906 at the age of 80 years. Shri Rajendrasurishwarji M.s. was referred to as a Great Jain monk in 19th century.

He wrote many books in his life on Jainism. Some of the best book he wrote is Abhidhan Rajendra Kosh. This book includes around 4.5 lacs Shloks and around 60,000 words. This book was published in seven volumes having 10560 pages.

Shri Rajendrasurishwarji M.s. explained nine lines about life of Jain monk (which was called ‘Kalamnamu’) to change the tradition of Yatidharma. He used to oppose the luxury life of the Jain yati’s. And he declared pure jain monk life in Jaora (M.P.) which was called “Kriyoddhar” (3rd Kriyoddhar done in Lord Mahaveer’s shashna) He constructed and reconstructed many Jain temples.

The books written by Shri Rajendrasurishwarji M.s. are in the ratio of 43. The original copies of these books are spread in some areas. The book “Abhidhan Rajendra Kosh” is stored in library for everyone to acquire knowledge on. The libraries which contain the original copies are situated at Ahor, Rajasthan, Jaora, Mohankheda, Madhya Pradesh, Tharad and Ahmedabad.

In his books he spread knowledge on lots of different topics such as story of diwali, story of holi, commentary on Kalpasutra, and Sanskrit grammar etc lots of things.

Rajendrasurishwarji Maharaj Saheb started writing book at the old age of 63. He invented this kosh. He completed the writing of the book after 13 years. This book is also referred to as the dictionary of all the words. The books written by Shri Rajendrasurishwarji M.s. is also searched up by international nations such as Japan, Germany and many more.

In today’s day if any Sadhu Sadhviji needs to know anything about Jainism religion then they used to refer the book Rajendra kosh. The books written by Shri Rajendrasurishwarji M.s. are helpful to every person who wants to acquire and spread knowledge for Jainism.

A perfect knowledge to acquire for Jainism is to refer to the books of Shri Rajendrasurishwarji M.s. He created a great name in the world of Jain and he spreaded his knowledge all over the world with the help of books.

Abhidhan Rajendra Kosh is a very helpful and conceptual book written by Shri Rajendrasurishwarji M.s., this book is Jain encyclopedia itself.

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