Jain history the name itself says us that this page will talk about the past and the starting of the Jainism. Jainism is a cast where there are many followers. It is said that the concepts, rituals and things are very hard of Jain to follow. But actually it is not so, it is quite easy. One who wants to get with the Jainism can follow up the things easily.

 People cannot follow up things without knowing the concept behind it. So initially it is very necessary for an individual to know few questions such as

  • What Jainism is?
  • How Jainism did come in to existence?
  • Who are the great followers of Jainism?
  • How great saints did come in to existence?

 There might be lots of questions like this which you are unanswered till now. But now by reading this page you will get knowledge of the history of Jainism. You will be able to know every single concept of Jainism true.