Know Jainism as the name itself suggests is where you will get knowledge on Jainism. The section refers to total of Jainism knowledge from the starting of Jainism to the end of the Jainism. This section will let you get closer to Jainism and you will get aware of the things that you have missed.

This section is made because as being a person of Jain you need to know everything about your caste Jainism. It is possible that the new generations who have yet started getting knowledge on Jainism will get knowledge from here. They need not to purchase any kind of books or anything else to acquire knowledge for Jainism. This is the best and simple way they can have the knowledge. This will also save time and thus you need to spend 1 hour daily and read up the history.

There are basically three section of knowing Jainism. The three sections are as below:

  • Jain History

    Jain history the name itself says us that this page will talk about the past and the starting of the Jainism. Jainism is a cast where there are many followers. It is said that the concepts, rituals and things are very hard of Jain to follow. But actually it is not so, it is quite easy. One who wants to get with the Jainism can follow up the things easily.  People cannot follow up things without knowing the concept behind it. So initially it is very necessary for an individual to know few questions such as What Jainism is? How Jainism did come in to existence? Who are the great followers of Jainism? How great saints did come in to existence?  There might be lots of questions like this which you are unanswered till now. But now by reading this page you will get knowledge of the history of Jainism. You will be able to know every single concept of Jainism true.
  • Jain Vidhi

    Jainism is actually where people show respect for each other and God too. People respect each other and even pray for the well being of one another. There are lots of different ways of showing love for each other. It could be either done by silent showing or there are people who are arranging vidhi, puja and lots more. Vidhi is something where many people pray to God together for the well being of one person. In this section you will be able to see the concept of vidhi. How vidhi is done, when it is supposed to be done, what are the concepts behind it etc all things will be known here.
  • Jain Knowledge

    Jain knowledge is where you need to get knowledge for Jainism. There are many people who being Jain does not know anything about Jain. This page will let you know everything about Jainism.  Knowledge of what things are supposed to be done in Jainism. Few things like puja’s, aarti are the basic things followed now and then. You might not be aware of what is the concept of doing all these things. This section will give you knowledge of everything.  This page will explain you what to do, how to do, when to do and whom to do. Knowledgeable concepts of Jainism will be explained here quite accurately and descriptively.  The person not having any knowledge of Jainism will be able to acquire complete knowledge by reading this page and things here.